Irie Yasuhiro entered the Hakkoryu Ju-Jutsu Headquarters in 1969 and trained directly under Shodai Soke Okuyama Ryuho.

Irie was the head instructor for more then 20 years where he poured his heart and soul into spreading the art. Many westerners and North Americans travelled to the Hakkoryu Hombu to study and Irie Yasuhiro was their main teacher.

After growing the art and many shihan worldwide Soke Irie left Hakkoryu due to personal reasons and decided to create his own form of JuJutsu called KoKoDo or the Imperial Light Way Gentle Art. Soke established the KoKoDo So Hombu Dojo in 1995, teaching the JuJutsu as a traditional Japanese Budo system. The art has quickly grown to have over 30 chapters in over 12 countries worldwide.

KoKoDo is unique in that the waza and content are taught in an unbiased fashion making it easy to understand even for beginners. Keeping with a deep sense of tradition, the waza are contemporary in nature. All the waza embody Soke Irie personal technique. The waza is logical students can through study and can reproduce Soke Irie’s movements.